Hybrid Work/School Options

Parking Options for Hybrid Work/School

Telework and hybird work are being embraced at USF for many roles, while a mixed schedule of in-person and online courses has been more widely adopted among students. Occasionally, those taking one of the approaches may still need to come onto the campus. It is your responsibility to determine whether it is more economical to buy a traditional semester/yearly permit or if an alternative option best suits you. Parking and Transportation Services will continue to review and explore parking permit options on campus, especially as it relates to hybrid schedules. Below are current alternative options available on the USF Tampa campus for hybrid work and/or school.


This yearly permit is available to students, employees, and some affiliates as a cost saving option that allows parkers to utilize Park-N-Ride lots and then ride the USF Bull Runner to get to their destination. Some destinations are even within walking distance. Lots 18 and 43 are the two Park-N-Ride lots. View the Campus Parking Map to see these locations on the Tampa campus. Y Permits begin at $59 and a pro-rated throughout the academic year.


In addition to semester and annual parking permits, there are several options for daily and hourly parking on campus. Daily parking permits and timed spaces are an option for those who may only need to be on campus a few times throughout the semester. Daily Parking permits are available at $5.00 per day or Timed Space Parking permits at $.75 per 30 min.


Daily scratch-off permits are also available at $5.00 per day and offer the convenience of advance purchase and flexibility of use as you choose the date by scratching off the month, day, and year. These permits can be purchased from the main Parking Services Building (PSB) located on USF Plum and USF West Holly Drive or the Campus Information Center (CIC), located on USF Leroy Collins Boulevard. Parking with this permit is available in E/D permitted lots.


Metered spaces are available throughout the campus for parking up to two hours at $.75 per 30 min. Payment may be done by one of the following credit card payments: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. View the visitor map for locations.



Through a smartphone application (a touchless option), ParkMobile facilitates parking payment via cell phone. You can also utilize their website in place of the phone app. Both daily and hourly options are available through ParkMobile. A few clicks and you're done! Please visit the Visitor/ Daily permit the section of our website for more information.


USF students, faculty, and staff members can purchase daily permits in advance through the USF Parking portal ( These permits offer the convenience of purchasing from any internet enabled device with printer capabilities. They will be valid for 1 day only and can be purchased up to 14 days in advance. It will also include a Bull Runner daily bus pass.

Y Permits may also be purchased through your parking portal account. These permits can be paid in full or through payroll deduction if you are an employee.


Pay stations are conveniently located throughout campus to pay for parking. View our parking map for locations. For parking maps, rules, and regulations visit our website or call (813) 974-3990 for inquiries.

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We understand parking can be a source of confusion for some, so we are here to help you navigate your options. If you still need assistance in determining what option is best for your needs, contact our office at or by calling (813) 974-3990.

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