Charter Bus Rates

Standard Charter * ¤

Bus Type Passenger Count Price (per hour)
I Up to 25 $50.00
II Up to 37 $85.00
III 38 or more (55 passenger Motor Coach) $100.00 (four-hour minimum)
Currently not available

Tampa Airport Service ¤

Bus Type Passenger Count Price (per hour)
IV Up to 10 $120.00
V Up to 20 $180.00
VI Up to 30 $240.00
VII 31 or more (55 passenger Motor Coach) $300.00
Currently not available
Airport passenger capacities are based on moderate luggage. If your group has extra, heavy, or large luggage a higher capacity bus may be needed.

Campus Tour * ¤

Bus Type Passenger Count Price (per hour)
VIII Up to 20 $50.00

Additional Fees ¤

Fee Type Rate Notes
USF St Petersburg and Sarasota Service Fee $100.00 Charter service rates begin and end at your campus. This fee covers the drive to and from USF Tampa and your campus. * This fee is charged in addition to the charter rate.
Fuel Surcharge Fee $0.20 (per mile) Services originating in Hillsborough county that are going to a neighboring county are subject to this fee. For regional campuses, services outside of your campus county are subject to this fee.
Wait/Stand-by Fee $25.00 (per hour) If your event requires the bus to stand-by idle for two or more hours, the wait / stand by fee will be charged at a lower hourly rate after the *minimum charge is met.
Overnight Fee Varies For overnight travel private, single accommodations and meals are expected for each driver. ◊
Supervisor Fee $30.00 (per hour) May be added for any service after regular business hours, if three or more buses are in service. A two-hour minimum charge will be applied.
Clean-up fee $60.00 (per hour) Excessive cleanup that would keep a bus out of service.
Cancellation Fee $75.00 Confirmed charters cancelled less than 72 hours before the start time. Minimum rates apply for charters cancelled on the day of the event.
Parking Varies Group is responsible for all parking fees (paid by contact at parking facility)
Tolls Varies Group is responsible for all tolls (included with invoice)

* Services within regular business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) are subject to a 2-hour minimum charge. Services outside of regular business hours are subject to a 4-hour minimum charge.

¤ All services and fees are subject to be charged a holiday rate of 1.5 times the listed rates.

◊ Overnight fee: Travel expenses are billed in compliance with USF Travel Rules and Regulations (USF Travel).