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The USF Office of Admissions knows that college counselors and advisors are in the business of building futures. Answering questions and finding solutions for your students is how you get it done. That’s why we put together what you and your students need at your digital fingertips, with answers to questions such as:


 Keeping you informed is how we can best serve potential Bulls, and that is why we developed and continually update: 


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Finding Colleges That Fit Your Students: Tips for Counselors

For a counselor, getting a student in the right school is about the long game, one that begins with the first encounter and, ideally, plays out steadily throughout high school. It’s about engaging the parents and the student, learning the student’s strengths and weaknesses, abilities and interests; then, based on the academic record you help build, overseeing school selection and enrollment. The trickiest part of the admissions game is that the instructions must be customized for each individual when finding colleges that fit for your students.

How to Help Your Students Choose Their College Team

Counselors understand that the college application process is a team challenge. As a counselor skilled in the college admissions process, it’s your job to know how to help your students choose their college team. A good start is identifying the key players and showing how each can advance the process.

Important Tips College Counselors Need to Know

The average public school student-to-counselor ratio for the 2015-16 school year was 464-to-1. That’s nearly double the 250-to-1 ratio recommended as a ceiling by the American School Counselor Association, and each of those students needs personalized attention that typically spans years. College admission recruiters recognize the challenge counselors face, know what’s at stake, and have important tips college counselors need to know to save time and avoid missteps.