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The USF Office of Admissions knows that college counselors and advisors are in the business of building futures. Answering questions and finding solutions for your students is how you get it done. That’s why we put together what you and your students need at your digital fingertips, with answers to questions such as:


 Keeping you informed is how we can best serve potential Bulls, and that is why we developed and continually update: 

  • The College Counselors’ Corner of the Admit-A-Bull Official Admissions Blog. Stories focus on tips and issues of interest to counselors and advisors.
  • The Counselor Toolkit. This is your USF clearinghouse for counselor-related information, from links to everything from data and tuition costs to testing, newsletters, and videos.


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For college counselors, productivity is a measure of how many students can be helped in a day. Nationally, the average ratio of public-school counselors to students is 482-to-1. That means knowing how to make your day more productive is about effectively and efficiently handling a workload that is nearly double the recommended level of 250-to-1. The challenge is great, and the stakes are high.