Outreach and Access

Multicultural Affairs

USF’s diversity and welcoming community represents one of the main draws for students from diverse experiences and backgrounds. In fact, more than 40 percent of students at USF identify as African American, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, or multiracial.

 To support our multicultural and diverse student body, we offer valuable resources, organizations and services tailored to their needs. Whether students need help finding resources or connecting with peers, they can access help here. 

Multicultural Student Organizations

USF offers various student organizations designed to foster cross-cultural relationships, facilitate student programs, and develop diverse student leaders. These organizations are designed to empower students and help them reach their full potential as multicultural students.

On-Campus Resources

In addition to organizations to provide a safe and inclusive community for multicultural students, USF offers other resources that support the whole community of students:

Admissions Blog Articles

In addition to articles on applying for college, choosing a college and preparing for college, the USF Admissions Blog also includes articles on how to succeed early in your college career. From studying to staying involved to keeping healthy, you can get valuable tips to have the most successful college experience possible.

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