Outreach and Access



Student Support Services (SSS)

Student Support Services is designed for students who have an academic need and are a first-generation college student, have a low-income family status, or both. Incoming freshmen at the Tampa campus may be invited to take part in the Student Support Services Program (SSS) if an academic need is determined upon initial review of the admissions application. SSS is an innovative program that provides eligible students with a rich academic, social and personal foundation beginning during the summer.


The CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program) is administered through the Center for Migrant Education in the Department of Exceptional Student Education at USF. CAMP provides a comprehensive program designed to meet the specific needs of eligible participants from migrant and seasonal farmworker backgrounds. This program assists participants in completing the first year of college and transitioning to complete an undergraduate degree.


The Guaranteed Admissions Pathway Program (GAPP) is designed to strengthen university–community engagement while increasing admissions opportunities for students of underserved populations. Each year, GAPP partners with schools that are working hard to close achievement gaps while increasing college readiness for students from underrepresented, first-generation and special populations. Students accepted into GAPP may select any campus and are given priority consideration for the History of Achievement Scholarship. If your school is interested, please email dempsc@usf.edu for more information.

USF GAPP Partners