Freshmen Admissions Scholarships

Requirements & Timeline

Students are selected for admissions scholarships based upon the following criteria. Some scholarships may have additional selection criteria.

  • High school GPA (recalculated by admissions)
  • Post-secondary GPA must be at least 3.0 (if taking dual enrollment or college coursework)
  • SAT or ACT test scores
  • Your classification as a Florida or non-Florida resident

To be considered for admissions scholarships, be sure to:

  • Submit a complete admissions application by January 15. There is no separate application needed, but all required information, including application fee or fee waiver, official SAT or ACT scores, official high school transcripts, and any other required documents are needed for an application to be considered complete. Ensure that your application is complete by logging into, selecting OASIS and reviewing the admissions checklist.

  • Review your residency classification by checking If necessary, please submit an updated residency declaration by January 15. Many scholarships are only available to Florida residents, so it is crucial to ensure you are classified correctly.

  • Submit updated SAT or ACT scores if you retest in the fall semester.


Awarding Timeline

If selected for an admissions scholarship, you will be notified by mail as part of your admission acceptance letter or a separate scholarship offer letter. Notification takes place between October and February.

Transcripts and test scores received within the awarding timeline will be used for consideration. Even after you have been admitted, you may receive an admissions scholarship or an upgraded scholarship offer based on improved test scores. As scholarship funds are limited, you should send updated information as soon as possible. Senior-year grades or test scores received after the awarding timeline will not be considered for scholarship selection.

Note: Scores from ACT/SAT test dates in December are the last to be used for scholarship consideration. Grades from senior-year will not be used in consideration.