Application Submission Priority Deadlines:
Priority Deadline
(for funding and consideration)
December 15
Final University Domestic (US Citizen and Permanent Resident) Deadline February 15
Final University International Deadline February 15

Priority deadlines are earlier than final University deadlines. Priority deadlines are important for both admission and funding. Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be considered on a space available basis.

Our program focuses on fall admissions, and admits a limited number of students in the spring cycle.

Our program gives priority for admission and funding to Ph.D. applicants. We allow students with bachelor's degrees to apply directly to the Ph.D. program (a master's degree is not required). M.A. and M.S. applicants are expected to have their own source of funding.

Application Requirements for all Graduate Chemistry Degrees

Apply Now! You must upload the following required application materials using the USF online application—do not email or mail material to the Chemistry Department.

Only complete applications, with all material submitted prior to the deadline, will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

  1. Unofficial Transcripts
    • B.A. or a B.S. degree in chemistry—Applicants with degrees in other subjects will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You do not have to have a master's degree to apply to our PhD program. PhD applicants are given priority for admission and funding.
    • Preferred minimum of a 3.00 GPA for undergraduate and graduate coursework
  2. Unofficial GRE Scores
    • Preferred minimum of 149 Verbal and 147 Quantitative on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
    • These test scores must have been earned within 5 years of the desired date of entry*.
  3. Letters of Recommendation
    • Satisfactory letters of recommendation from three (3) or more people who know the student's academic or research background
  4. Statement of Purpose
    • Your statement should explain why you want to obtain a graduate degree in chemistry from USF.
  5. Supplemental Questions**
    1. Please list the area (or areas) of chemistry that you are interested in
    2. Please list the names of any USF faculty you are interested in working with
    3. Please briefly summarize your past research experience
    4. Please reference any work you have published (with the journal name, article name and date)
    5. Please briefly summarize any past teaching experience
    • **If any of the following questions do not apply to you, list N/A as your answer.
  6. Curriculum Vitae
    • Up-to-date record of your academic, research and work experience. Please include all earned and in-progress degrees, with completion/expected completion dates.
International Students – Please review the International Student Services website and the following requirements:
English Proficiency Requirement:

These scores cannot be waived if you would like to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship (department funding). If you are self-support or have a scholarship and earned a degree in the US, the scores could potentially be waived.

These test scores must have been earned within 2 years of the desired date of entry*.

*Date of entry is the first day of classes each semester

Your application can be reviewed using unofficial/uploaded transcripts and scores. If you are conditionally admitted using unofficial transcripts or test scores, we will then require official transcripts and electronic test scores (submitted directly from the testing agency) prior to enrollment.

Official test scores—USF's school code is 5828

Official transcripts—send directly to Graduate Admissions (we do not accept transcripts sent to the Chemistry Department):

Office of Admissions
University of South Florida
4202 E Fowler Ave SVC 1036
Tampa, FL 33620-6900

A student's acceptance is granted for the semester and for the particular program specified in the official acceptance notification. In the event that a student wishes to change the date of entrance, they must request a deferral from the Chemistry Department. Failure to enroll during the specified semester without an approved deferral form will result in the cancellation of admission and will necessitate reapplication by the student.

If you have any questions, please contact us.