Council of Graduate Students

Chemistry Council of Graduate Students (CCoGS)


We strive to give voice to the interests of chemistry graduate students by representing the academic, social, and cultural aspects of the graduate school experience. Our membership is comprised of graduate students from many different backgrounds, at various stages in our graduate careers. Our council aims to represent the interests of other higher learning students within the chemistry department and is attempting to bridge the student-faculty gap by providing a forum where discussion of relevant issues can occur. Although we recognize the importance of graduate school as a place of study and excelling academically, we also understand that social activities can be beneficial to a healthy graduate life. We try to organize and conduct activities such as socials, potlucks and softball games to bring students together—hoping to create research collaborations and foster lifelong bonds of friendship.


CCoGS WOB Trivia: 8/9/23


CCoGS Annual BBQ: 4/22/23

Officer Contacts:

President: Angelie Matar
Vice President: Shelby Kell
Secretary: Stephanie Suarez
Treasurer: Dianna Kim
International Support: Sylvester Bobbie & Ezequiel Cruz Rosa