USF-SMMARTT (Smart Metal-organic Materials Advanced Research and Technology Transfer) is an interdisciplinary research center that was initiated at USF in 2008 with the following mission:

"To discover and develop new 'smart' metal-organic material (MOM) platforms for energy sustainability and enhancement of human health"

The center for Smart Metal-Organic Materials Advanced Research and Technology Transfer originated in 2011, with collaborations between the Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematic Departments at the University of South Florida as a growing need emerged to develop designable porous materials for real-world applications. The current embodiment has grown with more members and teamed up with the Department of Physics at USF. The director of the center (TBD) is one of thirteen professors actively engaged with their postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students working on collaborative projects with a central theme to use porous materials, such as metal-organic frameworks, covalent organic frameworks, and porous organic polymers, for each professor's research specialty.