Performance Hour

Thank you for joining The University of South Florida Department of Communication for a digital performance hour highlighting the work of our exceptional undergraduate students.

The five performances you will see in this video represent work from Dr. Patrick McElearney’s SPC: 4930: Health and Performance course as well as Dr. Colin Whitworth’s ORI 4931: Performance and Video. Ranging from the oral interpretation of literature to embodied engagement with mediated texts, these performances offer a small sampling of the work created by undergraduate students in performance studies courses during the Fall 2021 semester.

Performances, in order of appearance:

Madilyn Carney
performing the short story The Plague: Lessons on Life by Ken Liu

Samuel Carlin
performing in a lip-sync video of “Still Feel” by Half Alive

Mackenzie Mencia
performing in a lip-sync video of “Superfreak” by Rick James

Dominick Anderson, Lounda Clerge, Elizabeth Cottle, and Eric Mutschler
performing in a “sweded” production of Paranormal Activity

Freddy Cornieles, Patrick Cruz, Levenzke Tanelus, and Latrell Williams
performing in a “sweded” production of Halloween (1978)