Center for Industrial and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (CIIM)

The Center for Industrial and Interdisciplinary Mathematics is

  • home to the Mathematics Umbrella Group
  • publisher of the Undergraduate Journal of Mathematical Modeling: One + Two
  • organizer of student research conferences

The Center has three main goals:

  • Identify the mathematical needs of the community, and address those needs by teaming USF faculty from different departments and Florida professionals with hard-working students of all majors;
  • Incorporate action learning approaches, focused on civic engagement for non-math majors by creating research opportunities based on interdisciplinary collaboration involving mathematics;
  • Develop interdisciplinary (mathematics application) projects as an important part of the mathematics curriculum for non-math majors, which moves mathematics education for them from its dark corner to the midst of the business/research activities inside and outside USF. 

Dr. Arcadii Z. Grinshpan serves as the Director. To learn more visit the Center's website.