Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Occupational Health Psychology


The I-O program offers a specialization in occupational health psychology (OHP). This is an interdisciplinary curriculum consisting of at least two seminars from Psychology (Occupational Health Psychology (required) and either Work-Family or Stress and Coping) and an extended 5-course minor from Public Health (e.g., Environmental and Occupational Health, Industrial Ergonomics, Safety and Health Administration, Social/Behavioral Science Applied to Health, Categorical Data Analysis, and Longitudinal Data Analysis). A number of nonclassroom training experiences/opportunities also are available through this program to enhance knowledge and skills in the OHP area. Requirements for the traineeship fit within the I-O requirements such as the minor, advanced methods electives, and 7 elective graduate courses. OHP students are required to take one OHP topic as part of their comprehensive examination.

The I-O program has been awarded a National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) training grant to provide in depth interdisciplinary training in OHP. Our OHP program is part of the USF Sunshine Education and Training Center (ERC) in the USF College of Public Health. The grant provides stipends, tuition, conference travel, and research costs for students who are in the program.

Society for Occupational Health Psychology