Internships & Community Engagement

Expectations of Interns

During the internship experience, student interns are expected to:

  1. Complete thirty hours of work at the agency per credit hour enrolled (i.e. 30 hours for 1 credit, 60 hours for 2 credits, 90 hours for 3 credits, 180 hours for 6 credits). This means that a student wishing to receive 3 credit hours should anticipate working approximately 6-7 hours/week, and a student wishing to receive 6 credit hours should anticipate working approximately 12-14 hours/week.

  2. Complete a log of work hours signed by your agency’s internship supervisor. Computerized time sheets may also be used for this purpose.

  3. Complete a “learning log”/journal and/or whatever alternative or additional projects/products are agreed to by the faculty mentor, the internship supervisor, and the student.

  4. Meet with the faculty mentor at least every other week throughout the semester (either in person, over the phone, or through Canvas discussion) to discuss how the internship experience is going, share the entries in the “learning log” (or alternative assignments), and discuss the insights gained through critical reflection on the internship experience.

  5. At the end of the semester, submit to the faculty mentor the completed “learning log” containing at least 15 entries (and/or alternative or additional projects/products), and a signed statement from the internship supervisor attesting to the student’s satisfactory performance and completion of the required number of hours.