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CAS Core Research Facilities

CORE RESEARCH FACILITIES. CAS Research often relies on the use of shared instrumentation for routine and advanced analyses. CAS Core Facilities are designed to help researchers improve the health and wellbeing of people, create healthy and sustainable communities, and explore ways to advance healthy communities through novel and innovative research.

The Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation (CDDI)

CDDI is a Florida Center of Excellence, serving the research community at the University of South Florida. The mission of CDDI provides USF researchers access to specialized equipment (not available in most research laboratories) that is important for validating protein drug targets and the development of small molecule inhibitors.

The CDDI Core Facilities offer a wide choice of analytical methods with application to the general analysis of proteins and cells (See Request for Services). The specialized instrumentation cores and technical expertise within CDDI are focused on protein and small molecule production and the molecular analysis of proteins. For more information see Resources. CDDI Core Facilities include the following:

environment conservation outreach, research, & education (ecore) system

The Environmental and Conservation Outreach, Research, and Education (ECORE) System unifies the Forest Preserve, Botanical Gardens, and GeoPark under one leadership team within the College of Arts and Sciences to enhance support for faculty, student, and community needs. The ECORE System was established to manage and promote the botanical and environmental assets associated with these properties.