Withdraw From Co-Req

Some science courses require that the lecture and lab are taken in the same semester. If a student is struggling in only one of those courses, they may consider withdrawing from one while remaining enrolled in the other (i.e. withdrawing from BSC 2011L but remaining enrolled in BSC 2011). 

In order to withdraw from one half of the co-requisite pairing, a student will need to request a special Withdraw From Co-Req permit using the online form linked at the button below. 

Additionally, if a student is enrolled in both lecture and lab in the same semester and needs to withdraw from the lecture, while remaining enrolled in the lab, the student will need to complete this form as well (i.e. withdrawing from CHM 2211 but remaining enrolled in CHM 2211L). 

Click on the below button to submit your Withdraw From Co-Req request.