Major Facts

Just and Free Society

If you are interested in how social systems work so that you can work to make the world better, you may like one of the following majors.

The Major Fact Sheets provided below include contact information and example four year plans. If you attended our Majors Fair and would like an advisor to contact you with more information, please fill out this form so we can connect.

Africana Studies

Africana Studies Major Fact Sheet



Economics Major Fact Sheet

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Major Fact Sheet


Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Major Fact Sheet

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Concentration Options 


International Studies

International Studies Major Fact Sheet


Political Science

Political Science Major Fact Sheet



Students who intend to pursue Law School can select any undergraduate major.  Please explore the different options to find the right fit for you.  You can also learn more about Prelaw preparation at our Prelaw Advising website.  




 Women's & Gender Studies

 Women's & Gender Studies Major Fact Sheet