Major Facts

Enhance Communication

Are you interested in how people connect and communicate?  In the following majors you'll build skills in critical reading and thinking, bolster your ability to write and present information clearly, and connect with others across cultural differences. 

The Major Fact Sheets provided below include contact information and example four year plans.   If you attended our Majors Fair and would like an advisor to contact you with more information, please fill out this form so we can connect.  


Communication Major Fact Sheet




Professional and Technical Communication 

Professional and Technical Communication Major Fact Sheet


Mass Communications with Concentrations

Mass Communications Major Fact Sheet

Mass Communications Concentration Options


Information Sciences Major with Concentrations

Data Science and Analytics Major Fact Sheet

Health Informatics Major Fact Sheet

Information Security Major Fact Sheet

Intelligence Analysis Major Fact Sheet

Web Development Technologies Major Fact Sheet


Integrated Public Relations & Advertising

Integrated Public Relations & Advertising Major Fact Sheet


World Languages and Cultures Major with Concentrations

World Languages Major Fact Sheet

World Languages Concentration Options