Program Overview

BA World Languages and Cultures

The Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures offers students a solid foundation in language and linguistic skills as well as knowledge of diverse cultures. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to interact and participate in a global environment.

What can I do with a major within World Languages & Cultures?


Degree Concentrations:

Students may choose one concentration or combine two concentrations:

 One concentration: 30 credit hours; 6 credit hours major core and 24 credit hour electives for one concentration.

Combined Concentration: 6 credit hours major core and 12 credit hours for each of the two concentrations. 

All students will take two common courses: the entry-level course LIN 3003 “Language Matters” and FOT 4131 "Understanding World Cultures"


The USFSP Campus no longer offers a major or minor with World Languages and Culture.

Please contact Ms. Pilar Rodriguez for questions related to our French courses.

Please contact Mr. Frederic Leveziel for questions related to our Spanish courses.