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For a complete overview of Academic Advising and instructions for all departments within the USF College of Arts and Sciences, please visit the CAS Academic Advising page.

USF Department of World Languages | Academic Advising

For information and advising on a Minor or Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures, please contact one of our department's Undergraduate Advisors, Mr. Andrew Bird and Christina Csensich.

Archivum: Drop-In Instructions

Registration FAQ & Reminders

  • How do I Search/Register for Classes?
  • Academic Regulations Committee (ARC): https://www.usf.edu/arts-sciences/students/undergraduate/arc-petitions.aspx
  • Holds – check your account to see what kind of hold you have and what action is required from you
    - AA:  First year advising hold: you must first complete the CAS AA Tutorial in Canvas and email your major advisor (an appointment is optional, but strongly recommended) 
    - AP:  Academic Probation: you must schedule an appointment (CAS students must first complete the AP Tutorial in Canvas)
    - CC:  Cashier’s Hold: you will need to pay a balance to the University to have this hold lifted; the cashier is in SVC 1039
    - MJ:  Major Declaration: visit https://www.usf.edu/arts-sciences/students/undergraduate/declare-a-cas-major.aspx
    - IM and/or MH:  Student Health Services requires documentation from you
    - Other:  OASIS should tell you which office to contact to have the hold removed
  • Registration times: can be found on your OASIS account and are determined by the Registrar’s Office. If you have any questions or concerns about your specific time, then you will need to contact the Registrar. (Registration time table)
  • If you are getting an error message when you attempt to register, then one of the following common issues may apply:
    -  The course does not exist or is no longer available (e.g., cancelled section)
    -  Double-check that the CRN matches
    -  Double-check the semester in which you are searching for classes
    -  The course is full
    -  The course is class/level restricted, which usually means that you must be at least a junior (or post-baccalaureate) to register
  • Advisors follow a hybrid schedule. Mr. Andrew Bird's designated on-campus days are Mondays and Wednesdays (subject to change as needed). Mondays are for on-campus/face-to-face appointments only. Christina Csensich will be on campus Thursdays and Fridays for in-person appointments (subject to change as needed). All other days will have virtual appointment availability via Teams. 

Advising FAQ & Reminders

  • When emailing advisors:
    - You MUST include your University ID Number in any email to advisors; we cannot answer your questions until we have that information
    - Most registration questions can be answered via email, but please include as much detail as possible about your question(s)
  • Mr. Andrew Bird's advising inbox:
    World Languageslanguagesadvise@usf.edu
    (Students MUST include their UID# with every email).
  • Advisors typically DO NOT take walk-in appointments. To see an advisor in person, you need to schedule an appointment through Archivum (or eScheduler, if they are not an active/current student)
  • Students can schedule an appointment with Mr. Andrew Bird in Archivum (or eScheduler, if they are not an active/current student) for any available timeslot up to 14 days in advance. Most appointments will be conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams. Mondays are for on-campus/face-to-face appointments only. All other days will have virtual appointment availability via Teams.
  • Advisors follow a hybrid schedule. Mr. Andrew Bird's designated on-campus days are Mondays and Wednesdays and Christina Csensich's designated on-campus days are Thrudays and Fridays (both subject to change as needed).
  • The College of Arts & Science (CAS) Advising website (https://www.usf.edu/arts-sciences/students/advising/) includes a lot of useful information for students (e.g., how to make an appointment, drop-in calendars, etc.).

USF Sarasota-Manatee

If you want to learn more about the Spanish program, please contact Prof. Roberto Jiménez.

For academic advising, please contact Mr. Topher Mowry.

USF St. Petersburg

The USFSP Campus no longer offers a major or minor with World Languages and Culture.

Please contact Dr. Martine Wagner for questions related to our French courses.
Please contact Mr. Frederic Leveziel for questions related to our Spanish courses.

USF Tampa

The Undergraduate advisors for all of our majors and minors are Andrew Bird and Christina Csensich.

Appointments are now being scheduled through Archivum. You can visit Archivum through MyUSF or via the Archivum app to schedule your advising appointment.