M.A. French


The Graduate Program in French at the University of South Florida offers solid academic and practical training in the language, literature and culture of France and the French-speaking world. The graduate with a Master's degree in French from USF will be prepared for advanced academic study in a variety of disciplines as well as entry in to fields such as education, international affairs and business.


The Master’s program in French at USF aims to offer a wide variety of courses in French and Francophone literature and culture, including literary criticism, film, and linguistics.

Examples of Courses

  • French Literary Criticism and Theory
  • Love & War in the Renaissance
  • French Phonetics
  • French Linguistics
  • Monsters & Marvels in Premodern France
  • The 20th-Century Novel
  • Migration & Exile in French Cinema
  • Classical Drama
  • African & Caribbean Literature & Thought
  • Old French
  • 20th-Century Drama & Poetry
  • French Women Writers
  • Scandal & Seduction, 1715-1900
  • Fables, Fairy Tales, & Philosophy
  • Medieval France

Program Options

Candidates select from three program options:

  1. nine courses and a thesis
  2. twelve courses with no thesis, or,  
  3. with the prior approval of the graduate director, a combination of French courses and courses in another field with direct bearing on the student’s major interest, with no thesis.

At the end of the program, all students take a comprehensive examination.

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate students who so desire and are qualified are encouraged to apply for a Graduate Assistantship/Teaching Assistantship. This position provides a generous tuition waiver and allows them to teach elementary French under the supervision of a professional classroom instructor. Refer to the Cost of Attendance links for more information.

Applications for a Teaching Assistantship are considered by the graduate director after admission to the program.

Admission information

Application Materials Required by the French M.A. Program

To complete the application, the department requests: 

  • 2-3 letters of recommendation, 2 of which should be academic references 
  • a letter of intent/motivation written in French
  • an oral interview (phone, video, or in-person) 
  • the GRE is not required

Please note that the above documentation is in addition to what is required for admission to the university as a graduate student, such as official transcripts, proof of immunization, and TOEFL scores for some international students.  

For more information visit the Graduate Admissions page. International students should visit the page for International Graduate Students.

For other details about the M.A. in French application process and course requirements, please consult the Student Handbook for M.A. in French.

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Martine Wagner, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies for French MA
Dept. of World Languages - USF Tampa Campus, CPR 417
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue
Tampa, FL 33620