Electronic Thesis & Dissertation

ETD Resource Center


The ETD Resource Center website is designed to be your guide to navigating the ETD Process. It is essential that all thesis-masters and doctoral students become familiar with the submission process, registration process, and the formatting requirements. We know this can be intimidating, but we strive to make the process as simple and painless as possible. Our goal is to help you polish your ETD and ensure it looks as professional and consistent as possible. We want to see you graduate!

Important Information

ETD Registration Server Error

There is currently an issue with getting directly to the ETD registration site. Most students have found that after clicking the link to register, they are brought to a security warning screen. Please know that your information is secure, and we have updated all of the proper server certifications. At this time, we are still working to correct the issue.

To get through to the registration, you must click either "Advanced" or "Show details" (depending on your chosen browser) on that same security screen. It will then give you the option to continue to the registration website.

Certificate of Approval Online Submission

All students planning to graduate must submit a completed Certificate of Approval Packet. Once your packet is completed and has all of the required signatures, you can now submit your paperwork via this ETD Microsoft Form.

Current ETD Deadlines

Find the current semester's deadlines and important dates here, along with the next two semesters - so that you can plan ahead and be prepared.

ETD Workshops & Help Sessions

Dates and information on our current ETD Workshops and One-on-One Help Sessions. The ETD Workshop (Required) is a designed to explain the entire process, from registration to getting your ETD approved! One-on-One Help Sessions provide help to students in a non-stressful atmosphere. Students are assisted on an individualized basis. More information can be found on the Workshops and Help Sessions page.

ETD Process Registration & Commencement Program

While the deadline for the ETD Process Registration is the same deadline to turn in your thesis or dissertation, we strongly suggest completing this as early in the semester as possible..

It's a relatively simple registration form, that:

  • verifies that you are registered for at least 2 credits of thesis/dissertation hours;
  • captures information needed to complete the process and the USF Commencement Program; and
  • notifies us that you plan to submit your ETD this semester.

Students have previously had issues when they go to complete this step on the deadline, only to discover that they are either not registered for thesis/dissertation hours, or in the incorrect section. Because enrollment in that course is mandatory in order for the Registrar to change the grade, it's essential to have that corrected by the deadline. It can take several days to accomplish those changes, so it's best to be proactive and complete this registration process early.

Doctoral Students: The program for Commencement needs to be formatted and proofed for them to have the booklets printed in time for the ceremony. For Doctoral Dissertation students, we use this ETD Registration to gather all of the needed information to be printed in the program. To ensure you are listed, please complete the ETD Registration as early as possible but no later than the dissertation deadline.