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Date: Spring TBA
Time: TBA
Topic: ETD Process - Tips on Submission Requirements & Formatting 

Each semester, OGS facilitates an ETD Workshop to help students navigate the ETD process. This workshop provides critical information including:

  • an overview of the process
  • a review of submission deadlines and requirements
  • student and faculty responsibilities
  • use of Microsoft Word
  • formatting requirements for the manuscript
  • time management tips
  • resources to assist you in the preparation and completion of the ETD

Recorded Workshop Materials (Sep. 27, 2023):

Bonus: 10 Common ETD Mistakes Presentation

ETD Workshop vs. 1-on-1 Help Session

The ETD Workshop is a full overview of the ETD process and the ETD requirements, and it is offered one to two times per semester. The linked Workshop materials found below are also always available online as an asynchronous alternative to be reviewed at any time. 

All thesis master's and doctoral students are encouraged to attend an ETD Workshop during the semester prior to their graduation - so that you have the information before writing/editing the majority of your thesis/dissertation. 

If you do not complete the workshop, you may have major issues formatting which could incur an additional $25 fee for extensive revisions/reviews.

Our Help Sessions are designed to allow students to meet with an ETD Specialist for 15 minutes, to ask any questions you may have, for help with tricky issues in the document, or to perform a quick review of common mistakes.

NOTE: Help sessions are not a substitute for the ETD Workshop. They are two completely different occurrences. The Help Sessions are not required but are recommended for students who seek guidance with formatting.

Preparing for the ETD Workshop

  1. Review the "Understanding the ETD Process" slideshow and the "Top 10 Mistakes" slideshow
  2. Review the previous recording or slides: Video | Slides
  3. Review the entire ETD Resource Center, paying close attention to:


Date/Time: October 12, 2023 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Previously Published and Copyrighted Material in your Thesis or Dissertation

Hosted by USF Libraries, LeEtta Schmidt


Previous Workshop: Video | Slides

While you are researching, you are making use of a wealth of different resources, such as published articles, books, images, software, and datasets.  Many of these resources are protected by intellectual property laws like copyright.  This session will introduce common copyright issues encountered during the research, publication, and the writing of theses and dissertations.