Tuition Waiver Forms Information


The Office of Graduate Studies does not process all waivers, only out of college appointments. Colleges should either key waivers for in unit appointments themselves (AC, EN) or send the information to cash accounting for processing (BU, BC, ED, MS, FA). If you have created an "Out of College" appointment and need to request a waiver, you should contact the student's home department. The decision has been made that for out-of-unit appointments the tuition waiver request should be done in the student's home department with the 'hiring entity' generating the employment contract. That way, departments potentially will gain a better sense as to what their students are doing from an employment perspective. Too often we've heard cases where the department has no idea that a given student has a GA position in another unit. So please contact the student's academic department and have them make the request to the college office. The college office has access to the form.

College Contacts:

College Name Phone Number
College of Arts and Sciences Stephanie Hill (813) 974-6408
College of Arts and Sciences Lisa Mirabal (813) 974-6927
College of Behavioral and Community Sciences Susan Crochunis (813) 974-8865
Muma College of Business Stacee Bender (813) 974-3335
College of Education Mandy Stuck (813) 974-4569
College of Engineering Catherine Burton (813) 974-9888
Patel College of Global Sustainability Randall Pape (813) 974-0185
College of Graduate Studies Joseph Butts (813) 974-3586
College of Marine Science David Naar (727) 873-1637
Morsani College of Medicine Shonique Edwards (813) 974-2836
College of Nursing Jean Vaccaro (813) 974-9124
Taneja College of Pharmacy Danielle Gamboni (813) 974-7734
College of Public Health Laura Zota-Noll (813) 974-6689
College of Design, Art, and Performance Guner Celik (813) 974-1726


Graduate assistants must be appointed for at least 0.25 FTE (10 hours per week) to be eligible for tuition payment. In addition, each job classification has specific classification descriptions and requirements that can be found in Graduate Assistant Policies & Guidelines Handbook. It is the responsibility of the appointing department to assure that a student appointed as a GA meets the requirements (especially full-time enrollment) and remains in good academic standing.

A graduate assistant, regardless of job classification code or funding source, is required to work a minimum of 150 hours during the fall or spring appointment, and a minimum of 100 hours during a summer appointment to be eligible for tuition payment. The Office of Graduate Studies, college, department, and/or unit may retract any tuition paid on behalf of the graduate assistant should the graduate assistant not fulfill their GA responsibilities. In this circumstance, the student will be responsible for tuition payment. The graduate program is responsible for monitoring the fulfillment of graduate assistant duties and hours. If these requirements are not met, the department must appropriately notify the student and the Office of Graduate Studies that they have not fulfilled their GA responsibilities and will have their tuition payment retracted.

Graduate Assistant Tuition Waivers are only for credits that apply to the degree: graduate-level (5000-7000) coursework, independent study, thesis, dissertation, and directed research, and the graduate hours waived must be approved by the student's home college.  Waviers typically do not cover audited courses, pre-reqs, dropped credit hours, or Self-Funded / Cost Recovery courses (Please note: With the exception of the DCF waivers, all other waivers (including State of Florida and USF employee) are not accepted for Self-Funded/Self-Supporting program courses, Market Rate Tuition, Sponsored Institute or Study Abroad courses. Excess Hour and Repeat Course Surcharges are also not covered by any tuition waiver.)

Student Fees

Students will be able to pay fees until the 9th week of the semester as stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University of South Florida Board of Trustees and Graduate Assistants Union.

Waiver Forms

Deadlines For Waiver Requests to OGS

To assure timely processing, all waiver requests must be received by the Office of Graduate Studies as soon as the portal opens.

Student Tuition Waivers Deadlines