Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

If you are a new doctoral student at USF, as of Spring 2013, you are required to have basic RCR training by completing the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) module most relevant to your program of study.

The CITI modules have been designed to introduce researchers to various elements of research conduct ranging from research misconduct to data management to mentoring. As this is a minimum requirement, specific doctoral programs may require training that goes beyond the basic components introduced in this module. Furthermore, you must complete the module in the first semester you are enrolled in a doctoral program as a registration hold will be placed on your account; you will be unable to register for courses in a future semester until you have successfully fulfilled this RCR requirement.

How to register and complete the CITI training?

  1. Read the overview of the instructions by clicking here.
  2. Then login to the CITI module by clicking the link or by clicking here; see Step 1 above for more instructions
  3. Click on 'New Users Register Here' and complete the registration. Be sure to include your U ID number as this is what will be used to verify your completion
  4. Choose the most appropriate course given your field of study (question #5 when you setup your account). RCR courses are offered in the following fields: Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Physical Sciences, and Social, Behavioral, and Educational Sciences (for more details about the individual modules please click here). Any subject area will do.  If you already have an account, please select "Add a Course" from the menu at the bottom of the page.
  5. Please make sure the module you complete has "Responsible Conduct of Research" in the title. The Human Subject training does not cover the breadth of competencies of the RCR training. So, to fulfill the requirement, you must complete the actual RCR training. Please note we ONLY need you to complete the RCR.
  6. Complete the modules and the appropriate quizzes and please send the original PDF completion report or the verify URL to it along with your UID to Joseph Butts.
  7. If you have received a registration hold but have completed this requirement, please send the completion report and your UID to Joseph Butts. Holds are removed within 24 hours of receipt of the documentation during normal business days.