Graduate Assistantships Resource Center


Welcome to the Graduate Assistantships Resource Center. This site is designed to assist faculty, students and graduate program administrators with the management of Graduate Assistantships.

Colleges and Departments at the University of South Florida provide Graduate Assistantships (GAs) to qualified students on a competitive basis. GAs may teach, conduct research, or have other responsibilities that contribute to the student's professional development. GAs are classified as Graduate Assistants (Job Code 9185), Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates (Job Codes 9183 and 9184), Graduate Instructional Assistants (Job Code 9550), and/or Graduate Research Assistants/Associates (Job Codes 9181 and 9182). All graduate assistants employed by USF work under a contract negotiated by the Graduate Assistants United (GAU) and the USF Board of Trustees. The GAU is the labor union certified as the exclusive bargaining agent for graduate assistants at USF.

Helpful Resources

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