Graduate Student Services


The Office of Graduate Student Services (GSS), within the Office of Graduate Studies, partners with the Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC), and works with faculty and departments to create a supportive environment for students through the following activities:

  • Building campus-wide partnerships that are focused on student success;
  • Graduate Student Success workshops to promote retention, time to degree and professional development;
  • Graduate student orientations for fellows and diverse students;
  • Campus visitations;
  • Graduate Fellowships and other financial aid.

Diversity is highly valued at the University of South Florida and the Office of Graduate Studies. Consistent with the strategic plans of USF and the Office of Graduate Studies, the Office of Graduate Student Services (GSS) provides services and resources to a highly diverse graduate student population and is focused on individual student success toward the completion of the graduate degree. Initiatives toward these goals include:

  • Individual guidance and advising;
  • Funding through Graduate Student Success Diversity Fellowships;
  • Cohort workshops to promote academic success;
  • Partnering with office of Research and Innovation for opportunities.

For additional information or to set up an appointment contact Gary Oliver.

Events & Workshops