Electronic Thesis & Dissertation

IRB/IACUC Approvals

Many ETDs focus on research studies involving human subjects and/or animal subjects. In nearly all cases, students must work with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for review, determination, or exemption. 

You must include their determination/exemption letter within the Appendix. Including the letter ensures that readers are able to see that the study was reviewed and is compliant. Students can find this letter in their IRB ARC file. Please download the letter and include it in your Appendix. You may need to ask your Major Professor for this letter if they are the PI on the project.  

Be sure to redact all personal information from the Approval/Exemption Letter (Ex: Address, Phone number).

The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) does not oversee the IRB/IACUC process, so students should visit the Research Integrity & Compliance website for additional information.

NOTE: The USF IRB is fully electronic. All application for initial review and all subsequent submissions related to that study must be submitted via ARC. Direct link to ARC.