Electronic Thesis & Dissertation

ETD Help Sessions

Help Sessions are designed to allow students to meet with an ETD Specialist for 15 minutes and ask any questions they may have. In these sessions, we often help students with tricky issues in Word or perform a quick review of common mistakes.

We will not review your entire ETD manuscript during a help session.
You may schedule as many sessions as you need, but please limit to one session per day. Do not schedule back-to-back sessions to allow slots for other students. 

NOTE: Help sessions are not a substitute for the ETD Workshop. They are two completely different events. Help Sessions are also not required, but they are recommended for students struggling or unclear about the formatting requirements. 

Individual, remote Help Sessions are available Monday-Thursday. Students must reserve their appointment at least a day in advance. If you need to cancel your booking, email the ETD Help Desk as soon as possible to free up that space for another student. These help sessions are not required, but they are available for students with questions.

To register for a 1-on-1 Help Session:

  1. Visit the ETD Bookings page.
  2. Select the day and time that work best for your schedule.
  3. At the bottom of the page, write your name and a reliable email address.
  4. If you have specific questions, for example about the Table of Contents, please put this information in the box that says "Notes."
  5. Click "Book." Please be patient as it may take some time for the program to complete the booking. When complete, you will receive a confirmation email.