Minors & Certificates


Pursuing an academic minor provides students with the opportunity to focus their free electives, general education and upper-level requirement courses. Some academic minors are complementary to a student’s major. For some students, an academic minor is a way to explore a different area of interest which is not covered in their academic major. For most, it is means to build specific career related preparation which adds to and/or diversifies their portfolio.

Minors Offered:


An undergraduate certificate is a supplement to the bachelor’s degree program and may consist of courses that are part of a degree program or distinct courses that are outside of the degree program. Certificates normally require study in more than one field, often in a planned sequence of courses leading to specific educational goals. Certificates are optional and students are urged to declare a certificate as early as possible. Students should obtain prior approval with the specific requirements and forms from the college and department in which the certificate is offered. Certificates may be certified at any time during the student’s undergraduate career.

Certificates Offered: