Clubs & Organizations


Listed below are USF student organizations/clubs relevant to the exploration and celebration of different languages and cultures. Feel free to reach out to the student clubs via their social media links down below and to attend a meeting or event anytime throughout the year!

You can find all of the USF student clubs/organizations on USF BullsConnect! (Previously known as Bullsync). Some clubs might be more active on BullsConnect than Instagram.

We also follow and repost student clubs/organizations frequently, so feel free to follow our department on instagram.

USF Student Clubs

USF Student Clubs
Club Name Social Media (Instagram)
African Students Association @asa_usf
Anime - Oushi Anime Club @animeclubusf
Asian Students in America @asia.usf
American Cultured Desi - South Asian Cultures @acdusf
ASL Bulls (American Sign Language) @aslbulls
Azerbaijani Student Association         @usf.asa
Bahamians United and Impactful @bui_usf
Bangladesh Student Association @bsa.usf
Belizean Student Association          @belsausf
Black Student Union @usfbsu
Brazilian Student Association @brasaatusf
Bridges International @usfbridgesinternational
Boricua Student Association @boricuas_usf
Caribbean Culture Exchange @cceatusf
Caribbean Dance - Island Fusion @cceislandfusion
Central American Student Alliance @censa_usf
Chinese Culture and Language Club @cclc_at_usf
Columbian Student Association @colsausf
Creole Club @usfclubcreole
Cuban American Student Association    @casaatusf
Dominican American Student Association @usfdasa
Filipino - Association of Filipino Students @afsatusf
French Club @french_usf
Friends of Internationals @usffoi
German Culture Club @usfgermanclub
Guyanese Student Association  @guysa.usf
Hindu Students Council @usf.hsc
Irish Culture and Language Club             @usf_iclc
Irish Studies - USF Irish studies @usfirishstudies
Italian Club (Associazione Italiana) @italianclubatusftampa
India - Students of India Association @usf_sia
International Student Association @isaatusf
Jamaican Alliance Movement @jamatusf
Japanese Culture Club @usfjcc
Japanese Language Study Club @usf_nihongobu
Journey to the East @usf_je
Korean American Student Association @kasausf
Latin American Student Association    @usf_lasa
Latin Dance Club @usf_ldc
Latino Alumni Society @usflatinoalumni
Lebanese Student Association @lsa_usf
Malaysian Student Association    @msaatusf
Medical Mandarin  
Medical Spanish    @medicalspanishclub
Medical Vietnamese   
Mexican American Student Association @usfmasa
Pakistani Student Association @usfpsa
Students for Justice in Palestine @sjp_usf
Saudi Student Association @ssausf
Spanish Club - Club de Español @ssausf
Sri Lanka - Friends of Sri Lanka Club  facebook: Friends of Sri Lanka Club - University of South Florida 
Turkish Student Association @usf_tsa
Venezuelan Student Alliance @vensausf
Vietnamese Student Association @vsaatusf

USF Graduate Student Clubs

USF Graduate Student Clubs
Club Name Contact
Linguistics Club (LINGO)  Please contact Sean Farrell for more information
Spanish Club

USF World Languages 

USF World Languauges
Program/Organization Name Social Media (Instagram)
Italian @italianatusf
M.A. French @usf.frenchmasters
USF Department of World Languages @usfworldlanguages

USF Offices

USF Offices
Office Name Social Media (Instagram)
USF Education Abroad @usfeducationabroad
USF Institute for Russian, European, and Eurasian Studies @usfinstituteonrussia
USF International Services @oisatusf
INTO USF @intousf
USF World @usfworld