DROP-IN Advising for College of Arts & Sciences

St Pete Advising Drop-in Schedule

DROP-IN Advising and Archivum 

Archivum provides an online queue for drop-ins.  Students who sign up on Archivum will wait to meet with an advisor in a virtual line.  

Prior to the start of the drop-in hours a link will be posted where students can sign-up to meet with an advisor. 

  • Because there is a limit to the number of students who can be seen in a day, we recommend logging in early so you can get on the list before it closes. 
  • Once all of the possible drop-in advising slots are full, the Archivum system will stop accepting any additional students.
  • When the list is full, students will recieve the automated message, "This advising office is not currently accepting Drop-in Appointments. Please try at another time or schedule an appointment with an advisor".

To sign-in up for a drop-in with your advisor, select "Get in line for a Drop-in Appointment" on the appointment scheduling page.  

  • Once you are on the list, be prepared to receive a phone or Teams contact from the advisor.  
  • You will remain on this list until it is your turn to be contacted by the advisor.   As the advisor selects your name from the list to contact you, your name will no longer show on the drop-in list.

Prior to your drop-in with the advisor, you will receive an update to the schedule confirmation with Teams connection information, just like an advising appointment.

What are "DROP-IN" Academic Advising Hours

There are multiple times during each term when students are most interested in advising assistance for critical decisions - first week of classes, priority registration, and after grades roll. During these times, advisors more frequently offer "drop-in advising" hours to provide as much access to advisors as possible. 

Drop-ins differ from scheduled advising appointments, as they serve a different purpose. Drop-ins are:

  • maximum of 15 minutes long,
  • same day only (not scheduled in advance),
  • offered on a "First-come/First-served" basis, and
  • provide information specific to a current concern.

Students, who need more than the time allotted for a drop-in for a complex issue, may be asked by the advisor for additional follow up through email or a future scheduled advising appointment.  

Please note that Drop-in Advising is intended for current USF students only. We respectfully ask that prospective students come in for full advising appointments or attend admission recruiting events, which are geared to provide you services when our current students are not in critical need. 

Drop-In Calendars

Regularly, advisors will announce their drop-in hours through the advising Canvas pages set up for their majors. Please be sure to check the advisor drop-in hour announcements for notes regarding when, where, and for whom the hours are set.  

In our college, drop-ins hours will differ by the academic majors. Academic Advisors plan their drop-in hours based on the needs of their student populations. Additionally, some drop-ins hours are reserved for specific types of students who have an urgent need which can only be addressed with an advisor. For example, drop-in advising hours may be restricted to graduating seniors who need immediate solutions before registering for their last semester at USF.

Some of our areas are not best served by scheduling Drop-in advising hours. In these cases, we ask that the student submit their urgent advising issue by email to their area inbox. Any urgent situations which cannot be handled by email will be answered with times when the advisor can fit in a drop-in student.

No appointments, no drop-ins, what do I do?

With rare exception, academic issues can be resolved during regular business hours
(M-F, 8-5) with at least 48 hour window.

If you are in need of an urgent meeting when drop-ins are not offered and all appointments are full, please email your academic advisor with details of the situation. Our advisors will do their best to either (1) resolve the issue by email, (2) offer a time when they can squeeze you into their calendar, or (3) refer you to the appropriate resource who can assist you with the urgent issue directly.

Advisor Email Questions and Requests

We have a shared email address for each advising department/major.  We use these to manage student volume:

Advisors can focus on this inbox and not internal emails that come into their personal account, thus ensuring student emails receive top priority.

More than one advisor can monitor the inbox to keep responding to emails when another advisor is meeting with students in an appointment, drop-in, or is out ill.
Avoids having the same email received and responded to by multiple advisors, thus increasing the total number of students able to receive support in a given day.
Here is where you can find the full list of our advising area emails.  

Front Desk Staff Assistance for "Quick Questions"

USF Sarasota-Manatee campus College of Arts & Sciences major/advising-related questions can be sent by email or students can call 941-359-4330.

USF St. Petersburg campus College of Arts & Sciences major/advising-related questions can be sent by email or students can call 727-873-4511.

USF Tampa campus College of Arts & Sciences major/advising-related questions can be sent by email or students can call 813-974-6957.  Students can also stop by our front desk in BEH 201 during business hours (M-F/8am-12pm; 1pm-5pm).

Orientation Outreach and Tutorial for New Incoming USF Students

Orientation for Incoming Students (FYS and Transfer) staring Spring 2022 will be remote.  USF Office of Orientation created an online learning environment.   

Our college will be providing the college overview and orientation advising materials using Canvas site.  You will receive emails with instructions from your academic advisors.  You  can also find information for First Year Students, Transfer Students, and USF Returning Students on our New Bulls webpage. 


Emergencies require immediate assistance. If you or someone you know is experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 or university police at 813-974-2628. If you or someone else you know is experiencing a personal or emotional crisis, please call 813-974-2831. For more information, please see USF Counseling Center Emergencies website.

After emergencies pass, they can still have lasting, and unexpected, impacts on students and their ability to succeed academically. Support exists because everyone needs and deserves it. Your academic advisors are aware of additional resources and assistance which can support you and your continued success at USF. It is unlikely that your academic advisor is aware of your situation, so we highly recommend that you reach out to your advisor so they can offer assistance.

However, academic advisors are mandatory reporters when it comes to issues around criminal activity, like unlawful discrimination and domestic violence. If you need a confidential resource to discuss a difficult situation, please contact USF Counseling Center or the USF Center for Victim Advocacy.