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BA Art History Curriculum

The table below is a detailed look at how the 120 credit hours for the Bachelor of Arts in Art History is earned at the USF School of Art & Art History.

Major Core Courses - 41 Hours

  1. Art Preparation (12 credit hours):

*History of Visual Arts I and II must be used to satisfy the General Education Historical Perspectives requirement if the student is to remain within 120 hours for the degree.

   2. Art History Survey (18 credit hours):

*ARH 4930 Art History Selected Topics may be taken for degree credit only by approval of the academic advisor for the School of Art and & Art History.

  3. Art History Critical Studies or Directed Reading (9 credit hours):**

**Students may substitute 3 hours of ARH 4800 Critical Studies for 3 hours of 4000-level Art History Survey by permission of the instructor.

  4. Plus (2 credit hours):

  • Extended Studies: required of all majors— - London Middlesex Program, Paris Program, Public Art, Museum Internships, Community Art, Artists Internship/Apprenticeships, Art History Apprenticeships)


Additional Major Requirements

Major Requirements

All students earning a Bachelor of Arts in Art History must complete the Foreign Language Exit Requirement.

Students are encouraged to take additional credits in art history critical studies courses and art history survey courses.

Major Grade Requirement

All coursework in The School of Art & Art History must have a grade of "C" or better to satisfy program requirements.

Major Residency Requirement

In accordance with the policies of the University of South Florida a minimum of 50 percent of a candidate's credits in the major must be completed with the School of Art & Art History on the USF Tampa campus.

Major Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) Requirement

FKL "Humanities" will be satisfied by ARH 2050, History of Visual Arts I and ARH 2051, History of Visual Arts II, and FKL "Fine Arts" will be satisfied by ART 2201C Concepts and Practices I.

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