Study Abroad and Travel Opportunities

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of cities abroad. Explore museums and galleries in Paris. Experience spectacular art in Florence. Engage the architecture of castles, cathedrals, and and statues in London. And more.

Understanding a culture beyond its stereotypes paves the way for a more nuanced and thoughtful perspective, one that enriches your study of visual culture and creation of art.

The School of Art & Art History and the University of South Florida offer study abroad programs that add breadth and depth to the curriculum. We encourage students to broaden their horizons and position themselves as globally oriented artists and scholars working in today and tomorrow’s creative fields.

Study Abroad Programs

Art & Art History Summer Program in Paris

USF's longest-running study abroad program takes students for a month in Paris, France, where they can experience art by exploring the museums, galleries, architecture, streets, parks, and and culture. A week-long excursion to either London, England or Venice, Italy is available each summer in addition to the month in Paris.

USF in London

Join USF students and faculty this summer for a four- week experience in the heart of London all while earning USF direct credit towards your degree program. Courses taught for School of Art & Art History credit are: ARH3001: Introduction to Art (Instructor: Wendy Babcox) and ART2930: Between the Eyes: Photography in the City (Instructor: Wendy Babcox). This program is organized through USF Education Abroad.

USF in Florence

Spend a full semester or a summer term at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA) in one of the world's most noted cities for the arts and architecture. This program is organized through USF Education Abroad.

USF in Exeter Summer School at the University of Exeter, England

Art & Art History students can enroll in the International Summer School at the University of Exeter, studying one of our accredited pathways, while earning USF college credit for courses in arts and humanities subjects. This program is organized through USF Education Abroad.

EWHA Womans University in Seoul, South Korea

Situated in Seoul, South Korea, EWHA Womans University’s Exchange Program, and and International Co-Ed Summer College offer a stunning campus and plenty of cultural opportunities. Learn about Korean Ceramics and Korean Traditional Painting. Courses are taught in English. Male and female students welcome.

Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, United Kingdom

Earn USF college credit while studying at a leading modern university in Oxford, United Kingdom. Semester exchange programs allow students the opportunity to earn USF college credit from a diverse set of subjects abroad, while still paying an equivalent to USF cost. Students are enrolled abroad and take classes, live, and and socialize with local and other international students, gaining a truly enriching experience and in-depth cultural immersion for one to two semesters

Travel Field Trips Within the United States

Students in the School of Art & Art History can also participate in field trips each semester to New York City and every December to the acclaimed Art Basel at Miami Beach. With our experienced faculty, these extended visits will shape your understanding of the larger, contemporary art world as a means to enhance your studio practice and to prepare you for your professional life after graduation.

The field trips strengthen the bonds between you and your classmates and tap into USF’s vast network of alumni, artists, gallery owners, critics and scholars around the world.