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It all begins with a pencil. The first mark, the second line, the third shape, the infinite possibilities. Strengthen your foundational skills and hone your perspective. Enhance your visual language by experimenting with different media.


Adapting skills-based learning and research methodologies, the University of South Florida drawing program supports art-making as a process of inquiry that is continually sharpened by experience, knowledge and practice. Area faculty work closely with students in your drawing practice and to encourage you to consider art within international, national and regional contexts.

Undergraduate Program

At beginning levels, working from observation conveys visual principles of form and space while emphasizing essentials of technical training. From figure drawing to perspective works, Intermediate courses focus on various topics including mixed media, digital processes, and global landscapes; special topics courses reflect faculty research interests.

Intermediate courses also introduce theoretical and cultural ideas through projects that prepare students for the tutorial nature of advanced coursework.

At the advanced level, drawing and painting disciplines combine. Students develop a body of work and conceptual framework for their visual practice. Students may apply for private 24-hour access studios.

Graduate Program

Our nationally ranked Master of Fine Arts degree is an idea-centered program encouraging broad media exploration, in-depth projects and engagement with theoretical and cultural issues.

The MFA program encourages our graduate students to take advantage of excellent private studio space, technical facilities and the opportunity to teach. Graduate students receive focused, individual attention in their studio work from professionally active research and teaching faculty. In their first year, graduate students work closely with faculty as graduate assistants, often helping in their courses and gain experience to teach independently. In their studio work and pedagogy, MFA students are integral to the area’s mission for delivering contemporaneous content.

Degrees / Ways to Study

To study drawing at USF, students can pursue the following undergraduate and graduate studio art degrees at the School of Art & Art History.

Area Faculty

Neil Bender, Associate Professor in Painting and Drawing
Phone: 813.974.2360 | Email:

Sue Havens, Assistant Professor in Painting and Drawing
Phone: 813.974.2360 | Email:

Ezra Johnson, Assistant Professor in Painting and Drawing
Phone: 813.974.2360 | Email:

Joo Yeon Woo, Assistant Professor in Painting and Drawing
Phone: 813.974.2360 | Email:  

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