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Studio Art BFA vs BA

Which one is right for you?

The School of Art & Art History offers two degree tracks in Studio Art: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA). One is not superior to the other and both can provide different advantages for your specific situation. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to help you decide which degree track works better for your personal career objectives.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Studio Art
82 major core credit Hours in Art & Art History out of the 120 credit hours total. 56 major core credit hours in Art & Art History out of the 120 credit hours total.
Highly specialized studio curriculum which leaves little room for out-of-major courses. (See note 1 below) A liberal arts degree for students with out-of-major interests.
Required 3.25 GPA or higher in major core courses. Required 2.00 GPA or higher in major core courses.
Recommended for students considering applying for a Master of Fine Arts program after graduation. Recommended for transfer students who have completed minimal or no studio art coursework.
No additional foreign language requirement if FLENT is met before admission. (See note 2 below) Foreign Language Exit requirement. (See note 3 below)


  1. BFA students will focus on one specific medium (your specialization): Animation & Digital Modeling; Ceramics; Drawing; Painting; Photography; Printmaking; Sculpture & Extended Media; or Video. There will be opportunities for you to take courses in other mediums, and you will be required to take at least one outside your specialization. You will also take two advanced studios in your specialization.
  2. For the BFA, students will not need to take a foreign language, unless they did not meet the Foreign Language Entrance requirement (FLENT) in the admission process. If a BFA student has not satisfied the FLENT requirement, they must satisfy the FLEX requirement.
  3. For the BA track, you will need to complete two consecutive courses in the same foreign language with a C or better (for example: Spanish I & II) to satisfy the Foreign Language Exit requirement (FLEX). The foreign language that you took in high school DOES NOT satisfy the language requirement for the BA. If you did not complete two years of foreign language in high school, you will also have to complete that at USF. If you are already proficient in a language you may test out through a placement exam with the World Languages department.