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Theatre and dance offer something for everyone, regardless of your major. The creative space they allow for you to express yourself enriches your education. You will also develop a broad set of skills transferable and applicable to many different careers, these include communication, teamwork, discipline, initiative, leadership, performing under pressure, and more.

USF School of Theatre & Dance provides minors and undergraduate certificate programs so that non-majors and/or non-degree-seeking students can fulfill their interests and goals.


Dance Minor

The Minor in Dance is designed to provide students with a scope of experiences in dance that include studio technique, creative studio studies, and dance theory. The Minor in Dance is an open-access program.  No audition is required.   
Dance Technique Courses: All students can take the Dance Fundamentals courses. Additionally, Dance minors may audition for Upper-Level technique courses.  Please visit the Dance website for audition information and application. 

View the Dance Minor curriculum and requirements in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.

Theatre Minor

The theatre minor is structured to give students an overview of drama and theatre, in terms of history, performance, and criticism. Students have hands-on learning in the practical and theoretical aspects of theatre production. The minor offers ample opportunities for students to apply their skills onstage and/or backstage. Students will take courses in acting, technical theatre, literature/history, and gain practical experience working on productions.

View the Theatre Minor curriculum and requirements in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.

Undergraduate Certificates

A certificate is a non-degree program designed to provide students with specialized knowledge that is less extensive than, and different from, a degree program. As an alternative to a minor, certificates focus more on the way our disciplines are related to one another, and they are more concentrated in the number of required credits for completion.

Advanced Dance Studies Certificate

If you possess a strong background in dance technique (ballet or modern) and would like to heighten your dance studies and training, the Advanced Dance Studies Certificate is for you. Open to non-dance majors/minors, students must audition with the dance department and place into at least level III of ballet or modern dance. Any degree-seeking student not currently majoring in dance (BFA or BA) or any non-degree-seeking student may pursue the Advanced Dance Studies Certificate.

View the Advanced Dance Studies Certificate curriculum and requirements in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.

Dance Medicine and Science Certificate

Students interested in exploring the field of dance medicine and science have the option to pursue the Dance Medicine and Science Certificate. Open to degree-seeking (any major) and non-degree-seeking students, this certificate program will give you a basic understanding of issues pertaining to the wellness of dancers. Areas of study include typical injury and misalignment patterns, injury prevention and treatment, injury risk factors, effective conditioning, muscular analysis of dance movement, and current topics in dance medicine/science research. Enhance your specialized study through support courses that address the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system, the mechanical principles related to motor performance, the physiological effects of exercise, nutrition, and principles of motor development and skill acquisition.

The certificate program culminates in a Capstone experience through the Research in Dance II course. Students will review a variety of research in the dance medicine/science field, then complete their own research project exploring a relevant topic in the field.

All majors are welcome. Dance majors, health science majors, exercise science majors, physical education majors interested in dance medicine/science are encouraged to apply.

View the Dance Medicine and Science Certificate curriculum and requirements in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.

Dance faculty member Dr. Morris is the certificate program coordinator. Please meet with her to discuss your specific interests:


If you are interested in the minors or undergraduate certificates, we encourage you to meet with the Theatre & Dance academic advisor before enrolling in classes. If you have any questions, you can email Theatre and Dance Advising.