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BRIT Past Productions

When the founding artistic directors, Hinks and Elaine Shimberg, Lisel and John Gale and Denis Calandra first discussed the idea of the British International Theatre (BRIT) Program, little did they anticipate the success it would become. With the financial assistance of Hinks and Elaine Shimberg, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Dan Doyle and the State of Florida Matching Grant Program, the BRIT Program has now become an established annual event.

For years the British International Theatre Program has sought out professional directors and choreographers, leading actors in theatre, television and film, voice and speech experts and top rate designers. These artists have brought their knowledge and experience in British classical theatre and contemporary cutting-edge theatre to the students at the University of South Florida in the form of hands-on masterclasses and workshops. From William Shakespeare to Howard Barker, USF students are immersed in the best that British theatre offers.

A passion for teaching and artistic excellence are the driving forces behind the BRIT Program. Since 1991, USF School of Theatre & Dance has been carefully designing an undergraduate curriculum which integrates guest artists' skills into the everyday activity of each spring semester. At 25 years of age, the film and theatre director Sam Mendes was our youngest teacher; at 90, dramatist Christopher Fry our eldest. As this suggests, British classical theatre is a living force, spanning generations and styles. We are privileged to have our students partake of the classical and contemporary training, and we are eager to work with our British cousins on the continuing development of this marvelous tradition.

Now under the leadership of Director Marc Powers and Associate Director Matthew Gale, the BRIT Program strives to bring the best of both classical and contemporary approaches of the British theatre to the students in the USF School of Theatre & Dance and to audiences in Tampa.