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eSports Summit 2024

eSports Summit

The USF Esports Summit is a must-attend event for anyone interested in or currently doing business in the esports industry. Our power-packed program features keynote presentations and discussions with top esports industry leaders and experts. Gain industry insights and trends! Connect with regional and global esports industry leaders!  

Per Newzoo, the global eSports industry is expected to exceed $1 Billion in revenue in 2019, representing 27% in year-over-year revenue growth. Global eSports viewership is expected to hit 450 million worldwide in 2019 representing year-over-year growth of 15%.

These staggering stats, along with the predictions for additional revenue growth as the market continues to innovate and attract new investment. Join us at the USF eSports Summit as we take an inside look at the high-growth eSports Industry.

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