Professional MBA

MBA Ambassadors

MBA Ambassadors are active MBA students, serving as a conduit between Muma College of Business administration and the MBA student body. As volunteers, MBA Ambassadors play a critical role in shaping the MBA student experience at USF.

MBA Ambassadors may be involved with a variety of things. MBA Ambassadors:

  • are engaged in the student experience
  • are outgoing and friendly
  • act as champions within the student body for new initiatives
  • lead MBA affinity groups
  • seek to expand their own professional network
  • serve as an informal advisory board to Muma College of Business administration

Your Academic Year 2022-2023 MBA Ambassadors

Maryam Alavi 
Founder | BiotechNMed LLC
Consultant | Regener-Eyes, LLC
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @alavimary
I am an experienced Scientist with ultimate dream of combining the art of science, technology and management with medicine, to have the ability to solve people's medical problem.

Jessica Behm 
National Account Director | Atlantic Health Partners
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @jessica-behm
I'm pursuing my MBA to learn more about the different aspects of business and be a more well-rounded professional.  I have been working in the healthcare sales and management industry for seven years.

Starlon Cornelius 
Fruit Operations Supervisor | Tropicana Brands
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @starlon
I decided an MBA was right for me after realizing my career aspirations meant taking my personal development to the next level. I work in manufacturing for Tropicana, love hockey, and speak Russian.

Michelle Cortina Velazquez 
Full-Time Student
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @mcortinv
I am Michelle from Mexico. I have developed a passion for Business and Business Intelligence after taking some courses. I want to use my prior experience in teaching to be a leader in the field of Education and Technology.  I worked in education for some years and volunteered as a Special Education teacher. I believe the most challenging opportunities will be the most rewarding ones.

Tyrone Daproza 
Planning and Purchasing Associate | Ferguson Enterprises
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @tyrone-daproza
I was born and raised in the Philippines. My family immigrated to the United States to pursue better opportunities for me and my siblings. Since moving here, USF and the Muma College of Business have served as my second home. I am pursuing an MBA to progress my professional career. It is my goal to be a management consultant and eventually start my own company.

Alyssa England 
Full-Time Student and Graduate Assistant
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @alyssaengland
I am a USF alumna and lifelong learner. I am an aspiring recruiter and work as a recruitment graduate assistant supporting the graduate studies office at Muma College of Business.

Gary Granger 
Supervising Producer | USF Innovative Education
Financial Analyst Intern | NEURO20 TECHNOLOGIES
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @garyagranger
I'm an MBA candidate for the class of 2022 with a specialization in Finance. I'm originally from South Africa, but have had the fortunate opportunity to live all over the world. From Thailand to Boulder, CO. Currently, I work as a Financial Analyst Intern with a biotech company based in Tampa, Producer for Innovative education at USF, and as President of the USF chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization. My passions are being outdoors, exploring and traveling.

Ashley Hansen 
Full-time Student
Program: Online MBA
LinkedIn: @ashleymariehansen-rn-bsn
I'm a Registered Nurse with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry for over 14 years. Upon completing my MBA, I plan to fulfill a leadership role in healthcare.

Divya Ramhi 
Financial Analyst | Conduent
Program: Online MBA
LinkedIn: @divyaramhi
I am from New York, but lived in Orlando for most of my life. I currently enjoy a career as a financial analyst working in the transportation industry. My goals include expanding and experiencing all avenues of business and management. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy reading, writing, baking, and spending time with my family.

Ryan Russo 
Business Program Manager | Microsoft
Program: Online MBA
LinkedIn: @ryrusso
I'm pursuing an MBA to broaden my professional network and explore new frontiers in technology. I am a Program Manager at Microsoft by day, focused on strategy and process design for customer success.

David Riggins 
Business Analyst | Hillsborough County
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @david-christopher-riggins
Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate enough to develop significant thematic experience in several sectors. At this stage in my journey, my focus is on learning to connect this experience together to build something exceptional. My journey has been one of overcoming adversity and extreme circumstances, with a relentless determination to break the chains of generational poverty.

David Scardino 
Army ROTC Cadet
Program: Professional MBA
LinkedIn: @davidscardino
I'm pursuing my MBA to hone my leadership skills and make me into a more well-rounded business professional. My goal is to seek opportunities in the business intelligence and analytics fields while also pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors such as real estate investments. I also spent 15 years on active duty in the U.S. Navy and am currently pursuing a commission with USF's Army ROTC program.

Sean Schrader 
Office Manager | Office of US Congressman Charlie Crist
Campus Governor | USF St. Petersburg Campus
Program: Online MBA
LinkedIn: @sean-schrader-99a7a9158
I am a first-year student in the USF MBA Program. This past spring, I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Business Management from USF. This year, I serve as the Campus Governor on the USF St. Petersburg campus where I have opportunities to work with students, staff, and community members in bettering the student experience.

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