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ITRE Community Partner Agencies


ITRE Community Partners

ITRE Community Partners at the 2019 CMH Tampa Conference.

Community Partner Acencies

Farmworkers Self-Help, Inc. (FSH) – Dade City, FL

Farm Workers Self-Help, Inc. (FSH) was organized as a grassroots effort by immigrant Mexican and Mexican-American migrant farmworkers and former farmworkers to find solutions to the problems of the farmworker population. FSH facilitates self-development, self-help, grassroots organizing, participation and leadership development, and seeks to bridge the gap between isolation and societal mainstreams, while preserving cultural heritage. It is committed to farmworkers and other poor taking charge of their own lives and destinies.

Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance, Inc. – Tampa, FL

The mission of Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance, Inc. is to promote healthy communities in Hillsborough County free of substance abuse and addiction through education, collaboration and advocacy. HCADA’s vision is a community where youth and families are safe, healthy and free of substance abuse and addiction.

Hillsborough County Children’s Services – Tampa, FL

The Children's Services Department is committed to empowering youth and families to be successful, healthy, and self-reliant through education, therapeutic services, and support in a safe and nurturing environment. They are committed to providing the highest standards of quality services to the Hillsborough County community. They believe in providing a level of quality services that holds themselves accountable to the needs and expectations of their community. They value differences among all. Although their youth and families may encounter difficult life circumstances, they recognize that all have strength and resilience.

Infinite Recovery – Austin, TX

The mission of Infinite Recovery is to help people live addition-free. They believe that every person can live fulfilling sober lives free of substance abuse. They provide the following services: interventions, detox & residential programs, extended care, outpatient, and sober living & alumni activities.

Mendez Foundation, Too Good Programs – Tampa, FL

For more than forty years, the Mendez Foundation has been developing and implementing unparalleled K-12 prevention education through its Too Good programs preparing children and adolescents to make healthy choices and resist substance use and other risky behavior. Their evidence-based, skill-building programs make a positive impact on the lives of students, teachers, parents, and community leaders nationwide.

Native Americans for Community Action, Inc. – Flagstaff, AZ

The mission of Native Americans for Community Action Inc. is to provide preventative wellness strategies, empower, and advocate for Native peoples and others in need to create a healthy community based on Harmony, Respect, and Indigenous Values.

Opportunity, Community & Justice for Kids (OCJ Kids) – Phoenix, AZ

OCJ Kids’ mission is to equip foster and at-risk children and youth by providing them tools, resources, and positive role models to succeed and excel in every area of life. OCJ Kids serves at-risk and foster youth that are adrift by connecting them with caring communities for support and assistance. Healthy connections provide these youth with the help they need with difficult situations.

Rogers Behavioral Health – Tampa, FL

Rogers Behavioral Health – Tampa offers youth and adults an opportunity to focus on creating helpful, healthy changes. Through our facility, you can access nationally recognized programs known for treatment using evidence-based therapies for youth and adults addressing substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and other mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorder (OCRD), anxiety disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorder

ACTS (Agency for Community Treatment Services, Inc.) – Tampa, FL

ACTS provides and manages a broad array of behavioral health services to include: prevention, acute care and stabilization, treatment and supportive services in the arenas of substance abuse, co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness, juvenile and adult justice services, housing, economic self-sufficiency and health and wellness.

Hillsborough County Public Schools, School Social Work Services – Tampa, FL

As part of the Division of Student Services, School social workers, through their unique training and practice, provide a variety of professional services which foster students’ physical, social, emotional, and academic growth. They promote and support the educational process by meeting the individual needs of students and families within the community.

BayCare Behavioral Health

BayCare Behavioral Health is the largest full-service, community-based behavioral health system in the Tampa Bay area.  They offer both inpatient and community-based programs, along with a full range of comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services tailored to meet the individual needs of adults, adolescents and children.

Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc.

Frameworks is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to teach youth to manage their emotions, develop healthy relationships, and make good decisions for academic, career and personal success. How is this accomplished? Through social and emotional learning. They teach a core set of social and emotional attitudes, values, and skills that help children, teens and adults more effectively handle life challenges to succeed in academic, social and professional environments.

Pasco County Schools

As part of the Office for Student Support Programs and Services, Student Services Division works to provide prevention and intervention programs and services to foster a safe and drug free school environment.

Agency Contact: David Chamberlain, Supervisor of Social Worker Services,

DACCO (Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office)

DACCO treats substance use disorders and any co-occurring mental health symptoms in men, women (including pregnant women) and youth.  Nationally awarded for our comprehensive coordinated care, DACCO is a medical home with outpatient and inpatient services to treat the whole person.  DACCO’s expert physicians are board certified in Addiction Medicine and our staff is highly qualified and committed to enabling clients to achieve life-long recovery.

United Way Suncoast

In 2012, United Way of Tampa Bay and United Way of Sarasota consolidated creating United Way Suncoast which serves Desoto, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Sarasota Counties. United Way Suncoast seeks to “break the cycle of generational poverty through educational programs that give children the skills to succeed and help adults achieve long-term financial stability so they can support themselves and their families.” United Way works alongside volunteers, agency partners, community leaders, and key stakeholders focusing on early literacy, youth success, and financial stability.

Eckerd Community Alternatives

Eckerd Community Alternatives provides a full-continuum of life-changing behavioral health and child welfare services to around 13,000 children and their families annually. Eckerd Community Alternatives offers more than 30 different privately funded and publicly funded services, and is also an experienced partner with helping states manage and transform public systems of care.  Privately funded services are provided under their Eckerd Raising Hope program which works to provide much-needed resource assistance to children and families when public funds fall short. Publicly funded services provide a full continuum of care from prevention and community-based to residential and aftercare.


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