Bachelor of Science

Students may pursue a two-year program of study in exercise science (non-teaching) within the College of Education.

This two-year program is offered beginning in the student’s junior year and includes mandatory attendance during the summer session (session C which is 10 weeks) between the junior and senior years. Students can only enter during Fall Semester of each year.

Students proceed through the program in a cohort. Each student is required to complete all the required courses each semester with a grade of "C-" or better,  in order to progress to the next semester. Students who do not complete these requirements will be dismissed from the program and may re-apply for the next cohort.  Additionally, students must maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in both major and non-major courses. 

In addition to applying to the University, all students must apply directly to the Exercise Science Program and meet the admission criteria (see document below "Important Information for Exercise Science Students"). 

A degree in Exercise Science prepares students for careers in strength and conditioning, corporate fitness, community-based fitness, cardiac rehabilitation and admission into physical therapy school.  Accepting admission into the program means accepting responsibility for a high level of professional behavior.

Important information for Exercise Science Students
Exercise Science Application