Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory

Director: Dr. Bill Campbell

The mission of the laboratory is to conduct and publish research in the areas of performance & physique enhancement, disseminate the findings, and enhance the skills and professional development of the research team members.

Current and Past Research Projects

  • The effects of whey protein isolate vs. a reduced volume of a proprietary processed whey protein isolate supplementation in conjunction with resistance training on maximal strength and body composition in resistance trained males.
  • Tiered vs. traditional daily undulating periodization for improving powerlifting performance in trained males.
  • A comparison of three vs. six training days with equated volume on maximal strength and body composition in resistance-trained males.
  • Effects of a high (2.4 g/kg) vs. low/moderate (1.2 g/kg) protein intake on body composition in aspiring female physique athletes engaging in an 8-week resistance-training program.
  • Inclusive vs. exclusive dieting and the effects on body composition in resistance trained individuals.
  • Comparison of powerlifting performance in trained males using traditional and flexible daily undulating periodization.
  • The effects of a bodybuilding thermogenic supplement in conjunction with a periodized resistance-training program in resistance trained males.
  • The effect of a pre-workout supplement on power performance.
  • The effects of practical vascular blood flow restriction training on maximal muscular strength.
  • The effects of a fat loss supplement on resting metabolic rate and hemodynamic variables in healthy females.
  • The effects of pre-exercise carbohydrate supplementation on resistance training performance during an acute resistance training session.