Master of Science

Graduation & Exit Requirements

At the beginning of the semester that you plan to graduate, you must perform the following two actions

  1. Fill out and hand in the Graduate Degree Graduation Application
  2. Schedule your Comprehensive Examination or complete your thesis

Graduation Application

If you intend to graduate this semester, you will need to fill out and hand in the Graduate Degree Graduation Application form. This form can be downloaded from the Registrar's Site.

Once on the site, enter "graduate forms" in their search box at the left side of the page. The resulting listing shows the form you want under the forms heading. 

Download the PDF file, note the due date at the top of the page and be sure to hand it on time.

Comprehensive Examination

You must initiate the process for scheduling your comprehensive examination within the first month of the semester in which you intend to graduate. Contact your advisor during the first week of classes about setting this date.

NOTE:  The above two requirements are the responsibility of the student and must be done in order for you to graduate at the end of the semester.