Chalk & Wire ePortfolio


In compliance with national and state-approved program standards, the Foreign Language Education Program Faculty of the USF College of Education (COEDU) has identified a set of critical tasks that students must satisfactorily complete prior to graduation. These critical tasks are aligned with the Preprofessional Benchmarks for the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices and closely articulated with the COEDU Conceptual Framework.

All students will be required to participate in the Chalk & Wire ePortfolio initiative and create a developmental ePortfolio. The Chalk & Wire initiative is supported through a system of training sessions, e-mail and telephone assistance, and a staffed Help Desk (EDU 262) established to assist in the development, assessment, and completion of the ePortfolio.

Students should purchase a Chalk and Wire access code at the USF Bookstore or online through the bookstore’s website. There is a nominal fee for students for the Chalk and Wire account. Financial aid funds may be used toward the Chalk & Wire account fee.

Foreign Language Education Program Policies Acknowledgement Form

Assessment of Critical Tasks

The assessment system in the Chalk & Wire ePortfolio system is separate and distinct from the university grading system. Each Critical Task will be graded according to an established rubric provided in the Chalk & Wire System. Grading for these assignments is based on a 5-point scale with 5=Excellent; 4 = Good; 3 = Average; 2 = Poor; and 1 = Failure. 

Students must receive a score of 3, 4 or 5 for EACH Critical Task in order to receive a passing course grade and earn a degree. Students should log on to their ePortfolio periodically to check their grades and ensure successful completion of each Critical Task.


1st Submission. Students who fail to earn a 3, 4, or 5 on their initial submission of a Critical Task will either: