Chalk & Wire ePortfolio

Setup Instructions

Designed for users who already have an e-portfolio.

ESOL Portfolio Users will need to sign into Chalk and Wire

  1. Once into the system, users will need to select the e-portfolio
  2. Once inside the e-portfolio, select the button Profile.
  3. Once inside the Profile, select ESOL and save changes.
  4. Ensure that you have Quality Assurance checked.
  5. Next type ESOL Portfolio under the 'Create a New Portfolio' and click CREATE.
  6. You must then choose a Table of Contents. (ESOL)
  7. Then choose a Theme. (I chose layout #1)
  8. You will then see the edited version of your portfolio.
  9. The Table of Contents will appear showing your ESOL classes.
  10. You will first need to select the Administrative Elements and upload your Consent Form.
  11. Choose the Drop down menu to do this.
  12. Then select Return to Home Page.
  13. Select the Class you need to update (ESOL 1).
  14. Select the topic you will edit.
  15. Enter the appropriate information to describe your work.
  16. Choose the drop down menu to add your work to the page.
  17. Help is provided at the bottom of the page by clicking the help button. 
  18. Once you have updated your work, you can submit your work using normal procedures.
  19. You must also submit your portfolio to the Help, C.W under the Quality Assurance group.
  20. Additional help is offered in the Chalk and Wire Lab

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