Teacher Certification

About the FTCE

USF teacher candidate instructing student in local school

To become certified as a teacher in the state of Florida, candidates are required to pass a series of three tests called the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE). The number of sections and questions on these tests varies depending on the exam. However, a candidate will need to correctly answer approximately 60-75 percent of the questions to pass each section of the test.

Explore our website for more detailed information about the three examinations that make up the FTCE.

General Knowledge Test (GKT)

The General Knowledge Test is an examination of basic skills required of an individual wishing to pursue a degree in education. The test includes a multiple-choice format with sections in English Language Skills, Reading and Mathematics, as well as a written essay. The GKT is the part of the FTCE that prospective College of Education students take prior to beginning their major coursework. 

Subject Area Exams (SAEs)

The Subject Area Exams are designed to test for knowledge of a specific subject matter. The SAEs students choose to take are determined by their desired teaching focus/concentration. There are more than 40 different SAEs available in a variety of subject areas. 

Professional Education Test (PEd) 

The Professional Education Test is an exam related to knowledge about professional education competencies, and is meant to test education specific to pedagogy and professional practices. Revised in January 2013, this 120-question multiple choice test is built on the Florida Educators Accomplished Practices (FEAPs).