About Us

Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Civil Engineering Program of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of South Florida will provide undergraduate students with strong, broad-based, engineering education which gives them the basic intellectual and organization skills that allow them to work with complex systems with technological, social and environmental components. As many of the Program's graduates begin work upon graduation in industry or with governmental organizations, the curriculum is designed to prepare students for these roles by requiring a number of courses in the various fields of civil engineering and by providing limited specialization in one given area. The curriculum is designed to encourage lifelong learning and to prepare students for undertaking advanced studies in engineering or in other professional areas.

Program Educational Objectives

The Civil Engineering Program and curriculum of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are designed to meet the needs of all students within the context of the Program's Mission Statement. The Program Educational Objectives associated with the Program's Mission Statement are:

  1. Graduates, within 3-6 years after graduation, can obtain positions in both public and private organizations.
  2. Graduates, within 3 to 6 years after graduation, are continuing their professional development by extending their professional knowledge through independent learning, continuing education courses, conferences, workshops, short courses, graduate study and involvement in professional societies.
  3. Graduates, within 3 to 6 years after graduation, who are working in public or private organizations which encourage professional registration, will have made appropriate progress towards achieving that registration.