There are a few different academic forms in the CEE Department to help promote success in the undergraduate Civil & Environmental Engineering program

The Academic Petition form is used to request a substitution or special consideration for a requirement, such as dropping or adding a course after the first week of classes.

The Graduation checklist form is to be filled out during beginning of semester of intended graduation, and must be submitted to Camille Mourant before the semester is over. Students in the undergraduate CEE program will not be able to graduate if this form is not completed. In addition, students must apply for graduation via OASIS.

The BSCE Form helps provide guidance on planning your college career to assure you graduate on time. It provides the required courses for each concentration. The CEE Flowchart and CEE Curriculum Guide shows the recommended order of all courses.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) International Student Book Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to qualified international students as they pursue their education at USF. Please refer to the Eligibility Requirements and Scholarship Application.