Planning resources:

BSCE Form 

This form provides college planning guidance to assure on-time graduation. It includes required courses for each concentration.

Permit request form 

Note: Students must complete separate permit requests for summer and fall semesters.

Click here for non-CEE course permits.

Course Registration Error Override Form 

Note: If the “Student Attribute” error message appears while registering, this indicates you are not upper level. You must complete the ULDP form below.

ULDP Form 

Email completed form to Engineering Student Services (ESS) eng-advisingmail@usf.edu.

Time Conflict form 

Email completed time conflict form to Adea Arrison aarrison@usf.edu.

Late Add/Drop

  1. Complete Instructor ARC Form (found on link below)
  2. Complete Personal Statement
  3. Complete ARC petition in Archivum – Click Here

Permit requests

Non-CEE courses