Certificate Admission Deadlines

University Admission Deadlines 

  • Fall Semester - August 1
  • Spring Semester - December 1 
  • Summer Semester - April 15

NOTE: Degree-seeking students MUST apply for admission to the Graduate Certificate no later than the deadline to apply for graduation by the fourth week of the semester in which the student plans to graduate with the graduate degree. Once the degree is conferred, it is no longer possible to be admitted to a Graduate Certificate using graduate courses for the major. 


Graduate Certificate students should submit their Completion Form and Certificate Student Completion Evaluation Form by the end of the tenth week of the semester in which they will complete the final course(s) for their Graduate Certificate. 

  • For Graduate Certificate students concurrently enrolled in a Graduate Degree, the student must be admitted into the Graduate Certificate prior to conferring their concurrent Graduate Degree. 


  • For Graduate Certificate students not concurrently enrolled in a Graduate Degree, a Completion Form must be submitted no later than five years after starting the first course applied to the Graduate Certificate. 

All students must be currently active at the time the Completion Form is submitted.