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GNSI Decision Brief: Integrated Deterrence What is it Good For? Thumbnail

Integrated Deterrence: What is it Good For?
While deterrence has a significant, specific role in national strategy, our latest GNSI Decision Brief explains why its effectiveness is limited. 

Decision Brief Thumbnail Image Rebuilding Ukraine Public Health

Who Will Rebuild Ukraine's Public Health and Disease Research Laboratories? (October 2023)
The West must lead the drive to rebuild the systems, facilities and programs decimated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

GNSI Decision Brief Thumbnail

What Keeps the United States in the Middle East? (September 2023) 
The short answers: Oil, Allies, Strategic Power Competition, Counterterrorism. This GNSI Decision Brief digs a little deeper into each one.

Nuclear weapons on the battlefield

Nuclear Weapons on the Battlefield: Will “Nuke ‘em!” become a New Battlefield Order? (August 2023)
Old fears have been resurrected. Will Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNWs) be resurrected as well?

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National Guard's State Partnership Program in Strategic Competition (July 2023)
With nothing like it in Russia or China, the National Guard SPP is a pivotal advantage for the United States in the Great Strategic Competition.

GNSI Decision Brief Thumbnail - Russo-Ukraine War

Lasting Peace to Russo-Ukraine War (June 2023)
There's no end in sight but it's never too early to think about the end of the war and, hopefully, peace. What does that look like and will it involve the entire globe?

Hunger as a Weapon Thumbnail

Hunger as a Weapon Decision Brief (May 2023)
It’s a story as old as history: a belligerent uses hunger and food insecurity as weapons of manipulation, oppression and coercion against a population. 

China Energy Sector graphic

China Energy Sector Decision Brief (March 2023)
Understanding the Chinese domestic demand for energy and the need to secure energy resources will provide insights into the CCP’s foreign policy objectives.







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